Lost in the Lofotens

We did it, we stuck with the plan and turned our days around. Awake all night and slept in the day, perhaps a little easier for myself than Claire as I've worked night shifts in the past. With both of us forever looking out at the sky, in our hours of rest, we arrived back home sleep deprived and in need of a feed that was more than weak tea and lettuce leaves.

We had two weeks full of challenges with: new locations, mixed light and trying to decipher the writing on the packets.

Some of the best images I've seen from the Lofoten Islands have been when there's snow on the ground and I wondered if I'd made the right decision to travel at the end of July. Some might want the midnight sun, and we did indeed see the sun at midnight, but the magic that transpired in the short time between the sun dipping below the horizon and appearing again was something we will not forget .......


Claire's images



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